Fortnite’s Next Weapon Is The Suppressed Sniper

Fortnite will soon be getting a new weapon and those who love sniping will be very happy about the addition. The upcoming weapon is the Suppressed Sniper, which had appeared in leaks in the last few days.

The new sniper rifle was far from being a secret since several leaks had surfaced on social media. The weapon is pretty much the same as the current Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, which is currently found in Blue and Purple variations. The only difference is that the shot will be silent, making it difficult for enemies to know where it is coming from.

The silenced aspect of the weapon also has its negative. The rifle will not do the same damage as the regular version of the Bolt-Action. The Epic variant will deliver 100 damage while the Legendary will do a bit more at 105. The decrease in damage doesn’t mean that the weapon will be weak. Getting a headshot on a player might still bring a knock down since the regular sniper deals more damage there.

Fortnite has featured the Suppressed SCAR for a few months now and it is now the turn for Snipers to be sneaky. We don’t know exactly when the weapon will be in the game but it is rumored that an update will come tomorrow. The weapon has already been announced through the News Page section.

What do you think about the upcoming weapon? Which other silenced weapons would you love to see in the game? Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

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